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No more temple visit and lengthy introduction. Join the fascinating Tibetan festivals and eye-opening cultural festivities that would make the essence of Tibetan.
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You can go to Barkhor Street to see the worship of the goddess.

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As the political, economic, and cultural center of the Tibetan religion, there are many religious festivals held in Lhasa. The Thangka Unveiling at Tashilhunpo Monastery is one of them. It is a Thangka worship festival where huge Thangkas Buddhist tapestries are displayed.

Tibet Festivals, Tratitional Festivals in Lhasa in

Ganden Thangka Festival is an important annual festival at the ancient Ganden Monastery. On the ninth day of the sixth month of the Tibetan calendar, people circle the ruins of the temple, enter inside to view the Buddha thangka tapestry , pray, and get blessed. The Lhabab Duchen festival, also called Duchen Festival, is a Tibetan Buddhist festival that celebrates Shakyamuni Buddha returning to earth after going to the 33 heavens to save his mother.

The date falls on the 22nd day of the ninth month of the Tibetan calendar. Zamling Chisang is a festival that celebrates the founding of Samye Monastery and the achievements of Guru Rinpoche. It falls on the fifteenth day of the fifth month of the Tibetan calendar. It is a traditional festival with strong Tibet characteristics. The Tibetan Zang ethnicity has a special emotional connection with horses, as do most nomadic peoples of the world.

Gyantse is an ancient town in Tibet, which was important in Tibetan history. Gyantse Horse Race Festival is the grandest festival in the region of Shigatse.

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People wear their characteristic ethnic costumes to attend the festival. Join one festive event during your visit in Tibet and it will surely add more to your memory of the snowland. The event was also established by Tsong Khapa to celebrate the victory of Sakyamuni against heretics in a religious debate. Giant butter and Tsampa sculptures varying in forms of auspicious symbols and figures are displayed on Barkhor.

People keep singing and dancing throughout the night. Shoton Festival , also known as the Yoghurt Festival, begins on the thirtieth day of the sixth Tibetan month. Years later, local opera performances were added to the event to amuse monks in monasteries. The Bathing Festival starts on the twenty-seventh day of the seventh lunar month and lasts a week when Venus appears in the sky. The locals bring food, set up tents along rivers and bathe themselves under the star light.

The holy bath was believed to heal all kinds of illnesses and wards off misfortune.

Tibetan festivals

There are different versions of the origin of Gyangtse Horse Rave Festival, which is also popular throughout the region. It usually falls in June. Horse race, archery contest, and other games are performed to entertain people.

Centuries-old Tibetan festival inaugurated by H.H Dalai Lama - 20th Shoton Festival

Religious activities also are part of the event. Buddha Unfolding Festival is celebrated in Tashilhunpo Monastery from the fourteenth to the sixteenth day of the fifth Tibetan month. Thousands of pilgrims rush to the monastery to give their offerings to the Buddhas for the accumulation of their merits. The tradition has lasted for years. See Videos of Buddha Unfolding Festival. Universal Prayers Festival Zamling Chisang in local language falls on the fifteenth day of the fifth Tibetan month.

The event commemorates Padmasambhava's subjugation of evil spirits.

(1)Tibetan New Year

In the square in front of the Jokhang temple, thousands of people gather to see the lamps lit, accompanied by the sound of the suona, while a bowl of holy water is placed inside the temple, to reflect the light of the lamps. Over years ago, the people of this agricultural region of Tibet created their own calendar, which was more in line with the farming seasons of the Tsang area of ancient Tibet.

Held on the first day of the 12 th month in the Tibetan calendar, in , this alternative Losar will be held on January 6 in the Gregorian calendar. Local Folk Performance during New year in Tibet. The Shigatse celebrations are similar in form to those of the rest of Tibet during Losar, and the women of the Shigatse area keep their homes clean on the run-up to New Year to help keep in the good luck. One of e most iconic elements of the Tsang Losar is the ritual eating of guthuk, a kind of dough dumpling filled with different items, which often includes wool, stone, charcoal, or capsicums.

Each of the fillings has meaning as to what the coming year will be like for the eater, and if the person eats a guthuk with wool in it, he is considered to be kind-hearted, while if the guthuk has capsicum, he is thought to be harsh-tempered.

Traditional festivals in Tibet

If he eats a gutu with charcoal, he is deemed to be vicious, while a gutu with white stones means he is unpopular and will be forced to drink wine as a punishment. Food during the Tsang Losar is primarily dominated by mutton, a popular meat in the area where sheep farmers are plentiful. The dishes usually contain boiled mutton, dried mutton, or roast mutton, and the style of dishes has changed from those of eastern Tibet , and are richer and more sumptuous.

However, you will still find the traditional guthuk being eaten on the days before the New Year.

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